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A Chair is such a luxury, he collected 1350
Apr 14, 2016

Japan collector weaving Tian Xiansi (Noritsugu Oda) is first hooked on France of the architect Le Corbusier designed in 1928 LC4 Lounge Chair. Light solid metal structures, surface covered with leather, you can half lie, lay, modernist simplicity of modern and ergonomic comfort make it important for the history of furniture design-the Japan department store Takashimaya as classic exhibit, deeply attracted to the ODA of the new company.

Then he used ten instalments have it, and this just runs through the beginning of the road to the rest of the collection. In the following decades, the ODA on its own financial resources consistently collecting various classic chairs from around the world, has reached more than 1350 thus far, dating from 1850 to the present, in which Denmark famous designers have about 800.

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