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Chairs and the floor could be a closet?
Apr 14, 2016

There is no such a Chair in your House, it is not for people to sit, but devoted to the pile of clothes? Well, I know some people are saying. In fact, this practice is universal. Foreign girls also directly with the floor when the closet too!

Today, we say to the Wardrobe (wardrobe), several related words.

Chairs and the floor could be a closet?

Chairdrobe is the art of piling clothes on a chair to be used in place of a closet or dresser.

So-called chairs wardrobes (chairdrobe) is to replace closet with a Chair, and piles of clothes on the Chair's approach.

If a chair is not available one can always defer to a floordrobe.

If you don't have such a Chair, you can go directly to floor wardrobes (floordrobe) phase.

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