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Dining tables and Dining chairs for new year cleaning cleaning and maintenance guide
Apr 14, 2016

Maintenance of the wooden Dining chairs

If scratched, coloured wooden tables and chairs can be complementary action at the scratch with dyes, dye when the upper light wax evenly.

Color of wooden Dining chairs by soup or other things destroyed, available hot cloth to remove dirt, and then depending on the dye patch. Part of the cortex to dirt first clean with a rag, then use special dyes complementary. Fabric parts with a brush dipped in 5% concentration of SOAP and warm water, brush off dirty parts, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Using wood flooring repair fluid or slight scratches on the tables and chairs can be easily removed.

Plastic dining chair maintenance

Grease stain, you can wash with detergent, but not with alkaline SOAP and solvents to prevent plastics General plastics additives were destroyed, resulting in hard brittle plastic; or swelling of plastics, product damage. Should not be washed in scalding water, so as to avoid deformation, to avoid using with acids, alkalis, alcohol, gasoline and other substances so that chemical changes can be avoided.

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