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AING Sound: 8 Years, Just Make A Good Meal For The Baby Chair
Apr 14, 2016

Under the influence of old ideas, 80% per cent of babies in China do not have their own exclusive dining chair, MOM's legs is the best Chair decoration effect). They are not waiting for to sit in Mommy's legs, MOM and is running around chasing the Fed. Eat also has to move, either spilled food or dirty clothes. Moreover, many babies eat ate and fell asleep in her mother's arms. This traditional way of feeding not only make lots of babies to eat well, sleep well, and mothers physically exhausted. As everyone knows, the best Spine health development in the baby's life, active consciousness and so on, and so lost.

In Europe and North America emerged decades ago children Dining chairs, 90% per cent of children are in the kitchen Chair through infancy. With the improving living and consciousness, some Chinese families have started to take baby's feeding patterns, large numbers of children Dining chairs products emerge. However, the lower end of the "Chair" quality mark, imported "foreign Chair" ridiculously expensive on the market it's hard to find a true fit child Chinese baby dining chair.

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