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Are You Concerned About The Armrest Design Of An Office Chair?
Aug 11, 2017

  Are you concerned about the armrest design of an office chair?

  When buying office chairs, we will focus on the chair cushion material, soft and hard, back design is ergonomic, whether to protect the human spine. But an important seat component is often overlooked by our - handrails. Whether the handrail design is scientific, the impact on the comfort of the seat is great.

  1 whether it can lift or drop

  People are tall and short, if the armrest of the office chair is fixed, when you are tired, you will find your arms may be because the handrail is too high or too low and into a dilemma. A high-quality seat armrest should be able to flexibly adjust the lift according to demand.

  2 can be adjusted around

  Office chair armrest height can be raised and lowered is not uncommon, but the armrest can be left and right sides of the lateral adjustment of the functional design is often overlooked. Especially the body fat fat employees, fixed armrest width to allow their body to be imprisoned, the rotation is very inconvenient.

  3 armrests in the chair or back

  The armrest of the office chair is fixed with the back of the chair, so the design is very human. The armrests attached to the backrest will adjust the angle as the human body reclines. Of course, this design can mainly improve the comfort for the rest of the staff. However, most of the handrails are now connected to the chair, because it can indeed increase the stability of the handrail, from the appearance of view, this design is also more beautiful.

  A high-quality office chair depends not only on the quality and structure of good or bad, to reflect the details of human care design sometimes more moving people.

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