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Chair Strong Practicality
Sep 05, 2017

A chair is a seats with a backrest and some handrails. Ancient Sat, no chair, "chair" is the name of the wood. The name of the chair was found in the Tang Dynasty, and the image of the chair was traced back to the North's Hu bed when Han Wei was introduced. Chair by material classification: solid wood chair, glass chair, iron Chair, plastic chair, cloth chair, leather chair, foam chair and so on. Chair by use Category: office chair, dining chair, bar chair, leisure Chair, recliner, special chair and so on.


The Chair has the very strong practicality, in each room will appear, its main function is facilitates the people to rest, therefore its comfort degree is weighs a chair good or bad main standard.

The general person chooses the double person chair, most chooses the comfortable strong, this kind of chair uses in the bedroom, may lie can be lying, also can be dressed in clothes, can have a thing to use more, also can display in the living room, uses the different color to create the leisure good mood. When choosing a double chair, there are two factors to consider: function and material. In the functional double chair can meet the needs of two or three people, depending on the number of family members of the room. Common material is cloth and leather. The cloth is easy to clean and exchange, can change the surface with the seasonal changes; the leather chair can be dignified but not suitable for summer.

Single chair for the use of space more than a large area of the chair, sofa more variability. Single chair because of its different shape, in the space of the use of different functional uses, if the use of the appropriate to reflect the personality of the Master, not when it will be self-defeating, high back-style single chair, suitable for home use, can convey a casual, relaxed home atmosphere; Streamline modelling, color contrast strong, with a strong visual beauty of the Chair, Ideal for single nobles or studios; personal style strong leisure chair, recliner, rocking chair, suitable for placing in space corner or balcony, as the mood of the conversion station.


1, the newly purchased leather chair, first soaked with water towel, wipe off the surface of the chair after the dust and dirt, and then use the care agent lightly wipe the surface of the dermis one to two times (do not use waxy care products), so that the surface of the dermis to form a layer of protective film, so that the future of dirt is not easy to penetrate into the dermis pores,

2, to avoid sharp tool scratches leather.

3, to avoid grease, ballpoint pens, inks and other dirty leather chair. If you find that there are stains on the leather chair, and so on, should be immediately clean with leather detergent, such as no leather cleaning agent, can be used clean white towel stained with a little alcohol light stains, and then dry a little wet towel dry, and finally with a protective agent care.

4, leather chair daily care with a dry wet towel wipe can be, about 2-3 months with a leather cleaning agent to the sofa to clean, or with a household vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dust and so on.

5, in order to prolong the service life, should prevent the child to jump on the sofa to play, has the sweat body not to directly contact with the chair dermis.

6, the arrangement of the leather chair must leave the wall 5-10cm, maintains the ventilation.

7, to avoid the sun Direct leather chair, such as the living room often sunshine, may be a few times to adjust the position of the leather chair to prevent the color difference obvious; If the humidity is larger, can use 8 o'clock in the morning to 10 point of weak sunlight irradiation seven days, 1 hours a day, about 3 months do once

8, the use of leather-specific maintenance liquid regular maintenance. Use, with a small amount of each dip, many times the way to wipe the surface, until the maintenance liquid dry, and then wipe with dry soft cloth, in case the leather dry or fade.

9, once stained with soft drinks and so on, should be treated immediately, in order to prevent water and sweet infiltration into the capillary hole, at this time should be leather-specific saddle soap, stained sponge to play the circle of the way to the center, finally with a soft cloth dry can be.

Comfort and moderation

Whether the seat is comfortable is related to the scale of the body. The crowd is different from the crowd, the northerners are tall, the southerners are slightly short, and North America and Europe are different, and there are differences between men and women and individuals and individuals. So, comfortable, try to know, mainly look at the following points:

1. Seat height: should be equal to the length of the calf, sit down after the calf natural droop, the soles of the feet just landed. Too high, leg hanging, under the thigh oppressed too much too long too bad, the seat is too low, thighs can not be placed on the seat surface, the body weight to the hip pressure, a long time will not be comfortable.

2. Seat depth: Sitting on the main chair, the seat should be equal to the length of the thigh, sit down after the knee to the corner of the chair, the seat is too deep, the waist is not landing, the seat is too shallow, the thigh is not enough support, are uncomfortable.

3. Chair and chair back material: both should be "glove" type-the bracket should be strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of the elastic layer. The outermost contact with the human body materials should be breathable, wear-resistant, dirty, and not easy with the human body or clothing to produce static electricity.

4. Chair back: It is best to the waist, back and neck to play all or part of the supporting role. The longer the chair sits, the better it will be. The dining chair is used only when dining, can ignore the neck, but the office chair is best to be able to take care of. The size of imported furniture is often more suitable for the people in the country of production.

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