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Dining Chair Classification And Maintenance
Sep 05, 2017

Dining Chair Category

According to the dining chair material is divided into: solid wood chair, steel wooden chair, curved wooden chair, aluminum alloy chair, metal chair, cane Chair, plastic chair, FRP Chair, acrylic chair, plate Chair, miscellaneous wood chair, baby dining chair and chair, etc. According to the purpose of dining chair: Chinese chair, Western-style chair, coffee chair, snack chair, bar Chair, office chair and so on.

Maintenance and Maintenance

Solid wood chair Its greatest advantage lies in the natural wood grain, and many changes in the nature of color. Since solid wood is an organism that is constantly breathing, it is recommended that it be placed in an environment that is suitable for temperature and humidity, and that the beverage, chemical agent or overheating object should be prevented from being placed on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. If the United States plate material, when the dirt is more, and June letter to the United States suggested the use of diluted neutral detergent with warm water first wipe, again to clean water to try, remember to wipe off the water stains with soft dry cloth, to be completely wiped clean, and then use the maintenance wax, even if finished, only pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, In order to make wood furniture lasting new.

Maintenance and repair of solid wood dining chair

1: Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of dining table and chair surface. Time with pure cotton dry soft cloth gently wipe off the surface of the dust, every once in a while, with the dry moisture of the wet cotton silk Table Chair nook and cranny of the accumulated dust carefully wiped clean, and then clean dry soft fine cotton cloth wipe. Avoid the use of alcohol, petrol or other chemical solvents to remove stains.

2: Dining tables and chairs on the surface if there is a stain, can not be hard to wipe, the use of warm tea will be gently removed stains, until the moisture volatile in the original area coated with a little light wax, and then lightly rub several times to form a protective film.

3: Avoid scratching the hard objects. When cleaning, do not make the cleaning tools to touch the table chair, usually notice, do not let hard metal products or other sharp impact table chair, to protect its surface does not appear scratches.

4: Avoid damp environment. Summer, such as indoor flooding, it is advisable to use a thin pad of food and chairs with the ground contact part of the table, at the same time let dining tables and chairs by wall parts and walls to maintain 0.5-1 cm distance gap.

5: Away from the heat source. In winter, it is best to place the dining table and chair at a distance of about 1 meters, to avoid long baking, so that the local dry wood, warping deformation and local deterioration of the paint film.

6: Avoid direct sunlight. Should try to avoid outdoor sun on the whole or part of the dining table and chair for a long time exposure, so it is best placed in to avoid the sun shines in the place. In this way, it does not affect indoor lighting, but also to protect the indoor table chair.

Baby Dining chair function

The baby to six months later, the parents began to add some supplementary food to the baby, as the baby gradually grew up, the number of infants suckling more and less, 1.1 point with adult food close. No bottle is the time to cultivate a good meal habits of the baby is a very important starting point, if from the beginning of the baby to form a dinner table on their own habits, then naturally there is no time to eat and laborious to correct the problem is very difficult.

The baby dining chair will not only help to develop the habit of eating in the dining chair, to avoid the trouble of chasing after feeding in the butt at the same time there is also a benefit: the baby sitting in their own chair, not because sitting unsteady and stagger, hands can be liberated out of their own grip tableware, but also exercise the baby hands, eyes, brain coordination ability.

Suitable for baby:

The kind and warm music promotes the baby's hearing development, soothes the baby's emotion, and cultivates the music accomplishment; rhythmic swaying or gently shaking is the best way to entertain and rest; adjustable Dining chair mode allows the baby to be comfortable and safe;

Suitable for mom:

humanized design, multi-functional integrated products, with a product, is equal to have a number of single products, more cost-effective; wheel design is safe, convenient, care for the baby, save money, easy folding, not take up the place, the mother to go where can easily take the baby to where.

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