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How Do Children's Dining Chair Use?
Jul 31, 2017

  How do children's Dining Chair use?

  The best is the solid wood, do not brush paint (expensive). Choose a little affordable price, generally with the nose smell, no stimulation of the smell can be accepted. Solid bottom design: wide feet of the baby dinette is not easy to fall, and easy to clean. Safety measures: Seat belt and cross-belt must be made of durable fabric. Do not let the baby baby stand up when the baby is sitting inside the dining chair or sliding under the plate. Dining Chair Adjustable seat height: height according to the height of the baby free control, put him on the most appropriate height to eat. Detachable tray: you can easily move back and forth. Adjustable back: let the baby forward and backward are stretched freely. The bottom of the wheel and both brake function: to facilitate the parents to push the chair to any corner of the room, and can be fixed. Locking device: to buy a folding chair, be sure to confirm the ease of locking device, Dining Chair to avoid accidental folding accident occurred. Cushion thickness can be divided into seasons: according to the season sub-thick and ordinary type, to meet the baby in different seasons of cold and warm demand.

  To remind you to choose children's Dining Chair must be excellent quality, no smell, environmental protection, but also more solid, not used to use the kind of shelves no use, the other depends on is not a very useful function, such as some children's chairs There is the function of lifting, children and adults can be "on an equal footing" effect, it is convenient.

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