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How To Choose Office Chair
Jul 17, 2017

  How to choose office Chair:

  In the purchase of office furniture, comfortable office chairs are essential. A good chair should be freely adjusted by adjusting the backrest, chair face and armrest to achieve maximum comfort. Although seats with these features are expensive, they are worth it.

  Office chair styles are many, in use is also more free, as long as the correct use, the same office chair can play different functions in different space. However, relative to the use in the restaurant or study of the backrest chair, in the office environment users need to be determined, but the purchase should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1, office chair depth More formal occasions, people sit more seated. While the person's posture should be upright, you need to sit in front of the chair more "shallow" position. If at home, people will be more relaxed, this situation is not likely to do more deeply. Therefore the purchase should sit first, try to sit the whole body of the depth of the feeling, you can know whether it meets the needs of the office.

  2, office chair-the height of the foot of the chair this and the user's feet long and off, of course, in addition to the Chair class high chair, the general seat height of the chair is not too exaggerated, but if the unit does have a small stature to be considered.

  3, the height of the armrest when seated, if it is customary to put both hands on the person, may wish to choose handrails lower or no armrest office chair; But if you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the office chair, then, the higher armrest, seat of the deeper chair, probably the best choice.

  4, the height of the chair back like sit people, in addition to the option of a stool with no armrest or backrest, a chair with low armrest and low backrest can be selected; If you prefer to put your weight on your back and therefore rely on your backrest, you may wish to choose an office chair with a higher backrest, at which point the height of the backrest is near the neck. Sometimes the chair's back height is near the neck, instead let the user habitually put the neck at a 90 degree angle on the back, so that it is easy to cause neck injury.

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