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Leather Dining Chair Create A Different Life Dining Style
Sep 20, 2017

The master's taste and character, the environment and living condition are directly related to his or her understanding of the dining space and the personality of the leather dining chair. Dining tables and chairs are built in the restaurant environment will in turn affect the host meal mood. Therefore, the harmonious collocation of table chairs, that is, in harmony with their own life plate, shaping the living space of the self.

Avant-garde personality

Styling: The design of the dining chair is unconventional. The extremely slender metal chair leg has the heavy cushion and the chair back, causes the person to sit up has the feeling of the lightness. The back of the chair is also full of personality: the chair of the main dining chair is tall and thick, giving the owner a full sense of superiority. And Vice dining chair is opposite, the short chair back and slender chair leg "imbalance", make the dining chair has "bar chair" feeling. Because the back of the chair can almost only block the waist, the user's center of gravity naturally tends to the side of the table, which also exacerbates the "Table change bar" drama. The table is the control of this singular picture, it with a solid table legs and calm desktop, will soon "fly up" the dining chair firmly under pressure.

Material and color: Dining Chair black cotton seat cushion on both sides, with the outer leather of the thick plank edge, so that the overall shape of a stable, and metal chair legs combined with a more stylish atmosphere.

Embellishment: With the style of dining tables and chairs, put some unique tableware and decoration, dotted with light color can enhance the overall interest. If the combination of the surrounding environment of abstract painting or decorative gauze, partition and so on, that can create their own modern "meal bar."

Noble Modern

Material: Marble desktop with leather seats, "organic" and "inorganic", "soft" and "hard" perfect combination. Marble cold, leather delicate texture to warm, leather in the edges and corners of the defect, there are marble to make up. The smoothness of the marble and the luster peculiar to the leather have no time to reveal the noble temperament. The wooden table and the metal chair legs make the whole set of tables and chairs appear too heavy.

Color: In the natural texture of white marble, the free jump from the gray to the black transition of the various levels of elements, as the desktop is a shallow layer of ink. The seat is a single dark brown, which sets off the noble texture peculiar to the leather. The desktop slightly bleak white just to come out of sight, is tightly nestled in the edge of the steady monochrome pressure, such collocation is just right.

Embellishment: With the seat with the color of the matt tableware glow like leather general luster, noble and steady. A little light ornament can enliven the dining environment, play the role of the finishing touch.

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