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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Dining Chair
Jun 21, 2017

  Maintenance and maintenance of dining chair

  Solid wood Dining chair its greatest advantage lies in the natural wood grain, and many changes in the nature of color. Since solid wood is an organism that is constantly breathing, it is recommended that it be placed in an environment that is suitable for temperature and humidity, and that the beverage, chemical agent or overheating object should be prevented from being placed on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. If the United States plate material, when the dirt is more, it is recommended to use diluted neutral cleaning agent with warm water first wipe, again to clean water to try, remember to wipe off the water stains with soft dry cloth, to be completely wiped clean, and then use the maintenance wax, even if finished, only pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, to make wood furniture for a long time new.

  Baby Dining chair function

  Six months after the baby, the parents began to add some supplementary food to the baby, as the baby gradually grow up, the number of babies to suckle more

  Less, 1.1 o ' clock is close to the adult's food. No bottle is the time to cultivate a good meal habits of the baby is a very important starting point, if from the beginning of the baby to form a dinner table on their own habits, then naturally there is no time to eat and laborious to correct the problem is very difficult.

  The baby dining chair will not only help the baby develop the habit of eating in the dining chair. To avoid the trouble of chasing after feeding in the butt at the same time there is also a benefit: the baby sitting in their own chair, not because sitting unsteady and stagger, hands can be liberated out of their own grip tableware, but also exercise the baby hand, eye, brain coordination ability.

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