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What Kind Of Conditions Should An Excellent Chair Have?
Jun 08, 2017

  What kind of conditions should an excellent chair have?

  There is a survey that if you choose a good chair, will allow employees to spend about forty minutes a day free time, showing a good chair can make a lot of good facts, but a good chair should have What conditions?

  First, we must pay attention to ergonomics;

  Second, we must pay attention to moderate support;

  Third, can retain the body back the natural curve of the chair seat;

  Fourth, sit up very comfortable, but also for a long time to use;

  Fifth, light, fast and accurate adjustment system, sixth, safe, reliable claw chair chair;

  Seventh, safe, flexible and durable chair wheel;

  Eighth, very durable, will not cause scratches.

  If it can meet the above points, be considered a real good chair. However, chair is not a kind of office furniture can be independent of other objects, so when talking about the office chair of good and bad, it is not the surrounding environment, the user's main work, mode of operation and other factors into account. But a good office chair has an extremely direct impact on the staff, so buyers must be careful to act.

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